Civic Action
Committee (CAC)

Civic Action Committee (CAC)

2021 was a time of unrest and hope. Whether standing for social justice or speaking out against voter suppression, the Civic Action Committee worked tirelessly on issues of equity and equality.

Over the course of 2021, this collective force of nature supported:
• Community organizing/participation through membership outreach
• Juneteenth Celebration at Calvary Presbyterian Church
• Increased participation at General Meetings and community events
• Outreach for the opening of the Dedicated Senior Medical Center
• Women’s March For Reproductive Rights in front of the 36th District Court
• Year-End Celebration to honor loved ones lost
• Support for COVID-19 vaccination outreach
• Programs to reduce food insecurity
• Community outreach/raising awareness on the local elections
• Voters Rally
• Attendance at the Michigan Poor People’s Campaign virtual workshop on voter suppression and ways to combat it
• Training workshop on gerrymandering and voter suppression
• The Non-Partisan “Voters Not Politicians” phone bank